Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Legal Questions and Answers on Your Website

Provide Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Your law firm website comes with the ability to add answers to frequently asked questions related to your area of law practice. This is a great opportunity to not only help answers questions your website visitors may have, but also to establish your experience and credibility, while giving the search engines more quality content to index.

Many attorneys also use the Frequently Asked Questions page to answer specific questions about their firm, including their fee structure, consultation policy, location and general perspective on practicing law and serving clients.

Managing Your Frequently Asked Questions Page

To add your firm’s frequently asked questions, log into Law Web and select F.A.Q. from the admin sidebar under the Pages heading. The Page Content will be the text that appears on the actual “Frequently Asked Questions” page and can serve as an intro to the nature of your legal questions and answers.

Adding Questions and Answers

On the Areas of Practice page, add your firm’s questions and answers by simply clicking the Add a Question and Answer button. This will add a new Question and Answer to the list that appears below the F.A.Q. page accordion. Click Edit Me to expand the new Question and Answer box. Type your question and answer and click Save Settings and it will automatically be included in your firm’s website.

Sorting Questions and Answers

You can sort questions and answers alphabetically or by ordinal position. To manually manage their sort order, when you’ve expanded a question and answer box, select the + and - buttons accordingly.

To tell the system that you want the questions ordered according to your custom position, expand the F.A.Q. Page Content accordion (for the main F.A.Q. page), scroll down, and select Sort Order from the drop-down menu next to the “Sort Questions By” label.

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