Case Results

Your Firm's Case Results on Your Website

Show a History of Successful Case Results

Providing results to cases you’ve handled for other clients can demonstrate experience in your area of law practice, and many attorneys like to include a list of past case results on their website.

Managing Your Case Results Page

To add results to cases you’ve handled, log into your Law Web account and select Case Results in the admin sidebar under the Pages heading. The Page Content will be the text that appears on the actual “Results” page and can provide detailed information about cases you’ve handled, or just serve as a brief intro to the case results below.

Adding Your Individual Case Results

On the Case Results page, click the “Add a Case Result” button, and a new case result will automatically be created. Click Edit Me to expand the case result box, and include a description of the case result, a date, settlement amount or verdict if it applies to your area of law.

These case results will be included on your Case Results website page, as well as in the website sidebar or footer if you have chosen this option.

Managing the Sort Order of Case Results

You can sort case results manually using the + and – buttons when editing a case result, or alternatively by settlement amount or case date.

To manage the sort order or settlement amount dollar format, expand the Case Results Page Content accordion and select the appropriate format from the drop-down menu.

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