Attorney Bios

Adding Attorney Bios to Your Law Firm Website

Attorney Bios in Your Law Firm Website

Your attorneys are the heart of your law firm. Providing bios and lists of qualifications, education, experience and accreditations of the key members of your law firm can help communicate your firm’s experience and professionalism, and also make people feel comfortable with your firm.

Managing Your Firm’s Attorneys Page

To manage your firm’s attorneys page, log in to your Law Web account and select Attorneys in the admin sidebar under the Pages heading. The Page Content will be the text that appears on the actual “Attorneys” page and can provide detailed information about your attorneys, or just serve as a brief intro to the team.

Adding the Attorneys of Your Firm

On the Attorneys page, add your firm’s attorneys by simply clicking the Add an Attorney button. This will add a new attorney profile to the list that appears below the Attorneys accordion. Click Edit to modify the new profile.

How to Modify Your Attorney Profile

Once you click to edit an attorney profile, you’ll be able to add the name of your attorney, a heading to the page (often the attorney’s name), and detailed information about the attorney. You can include a biography, education background, experience, qualifications, achievements, or anything else you think distinguishes the specific attorney.

Add a Profile Image for Each Attorney

By expanding the Image accordion tab, you can also upload a profile image for the attorney. The system will automatically size the image to fit appropriately on the page, and will also create a thumbnail to include on the attorney’s page that lists all of the attorneys in your firm.

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