Areas of Practice

Your Firm's Areas of Practice Website Pages

Detailing Your Firm’s Areas of Practice

The Law Web system is designed to allow you to communicate to prospective clients what your firm’s areas of practice are. You can provide as much or as little information about each area of practice as you like, and can even include sub-practice areas.

Managing Your Firm’s Areas of Practice Page

To add your firm’s areas of practice, log into your Law Web account and select Areas of Practice in the admin sidebar under the Pages heading. The Page Content will be the text that appears on the actual “Areas of Practice” page and can provide detailed information about the types of law you practice, or just serve as a brief intro to the following practice areas.

Adding Your Firm’s Areas of Practice

On the Areas of Practice page, add your firm’s practice areas by simply clicking the Add Practice Area button. This will add a new practice area to the list that appears below the Areas of Practice accordion. Click Edit to modify the new practice area.

How to Modify Your Practice Area

Once you click to edit a practice area, you’ll want to include at least the name of the practice area. This will include the practice area in your menu/practice area listings, but will not yet create an individual page for this practice area on your law firm website.

When you provide information about your practice area and save the area by clicking Save Settings, the Law Web system will automatically create an individual page for this practice area that will be accessible using your website’s menus. This allows you to list all of your practice areas and add content to any or all of them as time permits.

What to Include on Your Areas of Practice Pages

Your areas of practice pages should give detailed information about the practice areas and express knowledge and experience in practicing that area of law. You should also “step inside the shoes” of a prospective clients who is in need of this type of legal assistance, and consider what they might need to know or how you might appeal to their specific situation.

By demonstrating an understanding of the type of law, and issues surrounding that practice area or type of legal situation, you can reach out to someone who is faced with a legal issue and needs your assistance.

See What Other Attorneys Are Writing About

If you’re struggling with creating quality content for your practice area pages, you may want to browse existing attorney websites to get a feel for what information they provide and how they appeal to their website visitors.

While it is unacceptable to take another website’s content (and this would actually get you blacklisted on the search engines), researching what other attorneys write about can give you a better sense of what is appropriate for your practice area pages.

Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

The practice area pages provide probably your greatest opportunity to impress the search engines. The more quality, relevant content you provide regarding each area of practice, the more likely you are to find your site in Google for both that practice area, and your specific type of law and locale.

Add Images to Your Practice Area Pages

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Expand the Image accordion tab when editing an area of practice to upload an related image to help communicate your message.

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