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Your Law Firm Website's Main Pages and Custom Content

Your Law Firm Website’s Pages

When you create your law firm’s website, it will by default include many popular attorney website pages. Most of these pages have the ability to add special content that will be displayed throughout your site. In addition, you can add as many pages and sub-pages as you like, allowing you to further customize your firm’s website and separate it from the competition.

Core Attorney Website Pages

The primary website pages you can customize for your firm are listed below. Building content for these pages is highly recommended, although you can easily hide pages you don’t want included in your firm’s website or that you don’t have time to build content for yet.


Your law firm’s website homepage is likely the first page your visitors will see, and should make a connection with prospective clients, provide compelling information about your firm and include a call to action directing your visitor to contact you.

Firm Overview

The firm overview page should introduce a prospective client to your law firm and communicate the personality of your firm. A firm overview page can make a personal connection with a visitor and make them feel comfortable contacting your firm.

Areas of Practice

The areas of practice pages on your website provide an opportunity for you to explain what type of law your firm practices. Detailed information about each practice area not only allows clients with a specific need to feel confident your firm can help, but will also encourage the search engines to display your website pages when individuals are searching for local lawyers in Google.

Attorney Bios

The attorney bios pages provide an opportunity to share the key members of your firm with prospective clients, further personalizing your website and communicating your experience and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Individuals who are in need of law services often have a lot of questions about their situation, and providing answers to frequently asked questions is a good way to connect with those people and demonstrate your firm’s knowledge and experience in handling those issues.

Case Results

Show your firm’s experience and history of success by providing case results, including dates, settlements, verdicts and descriptions, if needed.


Client testimonials often help prospective clients see that your firm has successfully helped others, and may help them feel more comfortable contacting you for your services.


Many attorneys wish to provide links to resources relevant to their area of practice. If you engage in link exchanges with related law websites to build inlinks to your website, you can place website links here.

Additional Pages

Your law firm’s website comes with a good set of existing pages for you to built out with your law firm’s content, however, you are certainly not limited to these pages. You can add as many additional pages and sub-pages as you like, further customizing your law firm’s website and increasing its search engine success.

Quality Content is Key

Throughout your website, regardless of which pages you decide you want to focus on for your firm, providing significant, quality content related to your firm is important.

The better your content, and the more it includes keywords relevant to your practice where appropriate, the better your chances at getting listed in the search engines and making a meaningful connection with any visitor to your website.

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