Firm Contact Info

Add Your Law Firm's Contact Information in your Law Firm Website Admin

Setting Up Your Law Firm Contact Details

Once you’ve registered your new Law Web account, your website will be automatically created.  Before you can access your new website, however, you’ll need to enter your law firm’s contact information.

How to Input Your Firm’s Contact Details

To set up your firm’s details, you’ll need to first log in to your website admin.  Once you’ve logged in, click Firm Details under the Settings heading in the admin sidebar.

Now, simply enter your law firm’s address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, etc, and your new website will automatically be configured! Once you’ve submitted the form with your firm’s info, you will be able to access your website and see it for the first time.

Why is this Required?

Your law firm’s contact info is required because it is used throughout your website. This information will configure where e-mails are sent when prospective clients use your contact forms, they’ll configure the map on your contact page and will be displayed in your website’s sidebar.

Next, you might want to customize your law firm’s website address, or add a logo for your law firm.

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