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Building Credibility and Popularity for Your Site

It’s a lot like a restaurant, really. If a lot of people tell you a restaurant is good, you’ll probably start to trust that it is. And more, if a professional food critic tells you the place is high quality, you’re really going to believe it. This is how links work.

Having quality website content may start to get your law firm website ranked in Google, but if you want it to perform even better, you’ll want to start getting other websites to link to yours. The higher quality the website that places the link, the more of an impact it’ll make on your search engine ranking.

Where to Get Links to Your Attorney Website

You can start by searching for law firm directories, listings and other types of websites that might allow you to place your law firm’s information and website link on their page. You can also find other attorney websites or complimentary websites that might be interested in doing a link exchange with you, whereby you place a link to their website on your page, and they do the same for you.

Finding Links by Competitive Analysis

There are tools available that can help you see what pages are linking to other law firm websites. This is a great way to check out your competition and other related websites to see if there are any directories or other pages that might offer you a link as well. A popular one is Yahoo! Site Explorer. SEO Moz Open Site Explorer and Exalead are others.

These are also good tools for keeping track of how many links you have to your own law firm website.

Blogs, Forums and Other Online Discussions

Most website blogs and forums allow you to include a signature with your name, contact info and website address. The goal here is not to just spam your website address everywhere, but rather, add it to your signature and contribute meaningfully to the discussion.

Quality Link Text

The Link anchor text is <a href=””>anchor text</a> and is a very important consideration when building links to your website because it tells the search engines what keywords are related to your site.

For example, if your firm name is McLawWeb & McLawWeb, having a link to your site that says McLawWeb & McLawWeb will help your website rank for the search “McLawWeb & McLawWeb”, but what you really want to rank for is “Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer”, and so the link should look like <a href=””>Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer</a> instead.

Of course, you may not always be able to specify what anchor text to use when getting a link, and it’s okay.  Any link on a quality website is good.  If you can customize the anchor text, however, do it!

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