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Tracking Your Law Firm Website Performance

You’ve probably heard of Google Analytics.  It’s a very popular tool that webmasters use to see what traffic their websites are getting.  It’s easy to use, effective and perhaps best of all, free.

What Does Google Analytics Measure?

You can Google Analytics on your law firm website to track a lot of really great stuff, like:

  • how many visits you’re getting
  • where the visitors are coming from (other websites, search engines, direct visits)
  • what search keywords people are using to find your site
  • how much time visitors spend on your site
  • where people go on your site
  • what page visitors are on when they leave your site

And much more.  Without a tool like this, it’s impossible to know what your website is doing.  With a good analytics system in place, you’ll have a concrete measure of the performance of your law firm website.

Optimizing Your Website with Analytics Feedback

When you’ve installed Google Anayltics on your website and you’re able to track how many visitors your site is getting and where they’re coming from, you can start to get a sense for what is working and what is not.

For example, perhaps you’re targeting the “Dallas DUI Attorney” keywords, but you’re not getting any visits from these search terms.  It may be time to improve those pages, or add new ones with deeper content and links.  Or perhaps people aren’t finding your contact form or are leaving your site — it may be time to add a call to action and encourage people to contact you.

Setting Up Google Analytics on Your Law Firm Website

Getting started with Google Analytics requires two things.  First, register an account at and create a profile for your website address.

Next, input your tracking code into your Law Web admin.  To do this, log in to your account, click the My Account button, expand the Google Analytics accordion, and enter the tracking code given to you by Google.

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