Client Testimonials on Your Law Firm Website

Client Testimonials

Adding the feedback of past clients to your law firm website can build confidence with potential clients by demonstrating that your firm has successfully handled similar cases in the past. Your law firm website has the ability to list client testimonials on the default testimonials page, as well as in the sidebar and/or footer of your website.

Managing Your Firm’s Client Testimonials

To add past client testimonials to your website, log in to Law Web and select Testimonials in the admin sidebar under the Pages heading. The Page Content will be the text that appears on the actual “Testimonials” page and will likely serve as a brief intro to the client feedback on the page.

Adding Your Client Testimonials

On the Testimonials page, add your client’s feedback by simply clicking the Add a Testimonial button. This will add a new testimonial to the list that appears below the Testimonials accordion. Click the new testimonial to modify it, and enter the client’s feedback, the date and/or the client’s name, if applicable.

In the Testimonials Page Content accordion, you can select whether to have testimonials ordered by date or manually-specified sort order.

Have Clients Add Testimonials to Google Places

While we’re on the subject of client testimonials, it’s worth mentioning that you should encourage clients who are offering your firm feedback to submit their testimonials to Google Places, Avvo or other online rating websites. Often times Google Places or Avvo Profiles appear in search results before your website, and having actual client feedback can improve your overall online presence and credibility.

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