Your Law Firm Website Links

Your Law Firm Website’s Links Page

Most websites include links to other sites. These may be partner sites, website with related or useful information, or website you’ve traded links with. Whatever they may be, your website has a specific page designed to include these links.

Managing Your Links page

To manage your law firm website’s links page, log into your account and select Links in the admin sidebar under the Pages heading. The Page Content will be the text that appears on the actual “Links” page and will likely just provide an introduction to the following website links.

Adding Links to Other Websites

On the Links page, you can add links by clicking the Add a Website Link button. This will automatically add a new link to your law firm website. Click Edit Me to expand the new link box, and enter the website link’s URL, name and description. For example:

  • URL:
  • Name: Google
  • Description: The World’s Most Popular Search Engine

Building Links to Your Website

One key factor in getting Google to list your website in the search engines is getting other websites to link to yours. A good way to go about this is to find related websites, contact the web master, and offer to do a “link exchange,” where you put their link on your website in exchange for a link on theirs.

When you do this, you’ll get a new link to your site, and can place the partner website’s link on your links page.

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