Additional Pages

Add Unlimited Additional Pages to your Law Firm Website

Adding More Pages to Your Law Firm Website

Your new website comes fully equipped with the core law firm website pages, but there’s no limit to what you can do with your site. You can add as many pages and sub pages as you like, and use your creativity to come up with interested, relevant and compelling website pages to attract visitors and the search engines alike.

Adding New Pages to Your Website

When you’re logged in to your law firm website account, simply select Add Page under the Pages sidebar heading to add a new page to your website. This will add a “New Page” to the site, with which you can do anything you like. Specify a page title, heading, menu link, url and add content and an image. Select whether you’d like to have your page included in your website’s main menu, footer menu, or both.

Adding Sub-Pages to Your Law Firm Website

Your law firm’s pages can have sub-pages as well, to build deeper, more meaningful content. To add a sub-page, simply scroll down and click the Add a Sub-Page button. A new sub-page will be added to the list; click Edit Me to edit the sub-page. In your website’s menu, the sub pages will appear as a drop-down menu when the main page is hovered.

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