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Adding a Logo to Your Law Firm Website

Adding a Logo to Your Attorney Website Design

By default, your website will show your law firm’s name at the top of your pages. If your law firm has a logo, however, you can easily replace this text with your attorney logo. To do this, login to your Law Web account and click Firm Details under the Settings heading in your website admin sidebar.

Uploading Your Law Firm Logo

Once you’re on the Firm Details page, scroll down to the bottom and expand the Firm Logo accordion. Select the file from your hard drive, and upload it by submitting the form.

If the image is large, it will automatically be re-sized by the system to fit with the law firm website design. If you’re not happy with how your firm logo is being sized by the system, simply contact me and I’ll size and upload your logo manually for you. :)

Tell The Search Engines About Your Firm’s Logo

Just like all of the images on your website pages, you can also include image alt text and title text for the logo image. This will help readers who can’t see well understand what the image is, and it will also help with your lawyer website SEO (search engine optimization).

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