URLs and Menu Links

Customize Your Lawyer Website URLs and Menu Links

Customizing Your Page URLs and Menu Links

Each page on your law firm website is configured to have a custom page URL and page Menu Link. What’s are they?

  • Page URL: The address to your website page.
    Example: http://yourwebsite/website-page-url/
  • Page Menu link: The link that will show in the menu on your law website for that page. Example: “Attorneys”.

Unlike some attorney websites that do not have “search engine friendly” URLs, Law Web is configured with URLs that are clean and easy to understand for both visitors and the search engines.

For instance, instead of http://yoursite.com/?pageid=523, your URL will look like http://yoursite.com/firm-overview/. Take advantage of this feature when working on your law firm’s website!

Good Menu Links and Page URLs Are Important

Having good menu links and page URLs for the pages of your attorney website can help make your website more user-friendly and easy to navigate for prospective clients, and it can also help the search engines get a better idea of what your website is about and serve it to people searching for your law services.

Customizing Page URLs and Menu Links

When you’re logged in to your account and modifying an attorney website page, scroll down and expand the Menu and Search Engine Optimization accordion tab. Update your Page URL and Page menulink and click Save Settings when you’re finished.

Please note that once a website is indexed in Google, you will probably want to leave the URL as it is, so that it stays indexed.

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