Title & Heading Tags

Attorney Website Design Title Tags and Heading Tags

Lawyer Website Page Titles and Headings

In search engine optimization, two very important html “tags” are your page Title and page Heading. Every page on your website will have a title and a heading.

Where The Tags Appear on Your Law Firm Website

The website page title appears at the top of your web browser when you’re viewing a page, and will be displayed by the search engines in search results. The page heading will appear at the top of the individual page.

Titles & Headings Matter for Your Attorney Website

The search engines pay special attention to these tags when they’re trying to understand what your web page is about. Including keywords relevant to your law practice, location and specific practice areas, etc, included in the page, will help Google index and display your website when people are searching for a lawyer in your area.

Customizing Your Title and Heading Tags

When you’re logged in to your account and modifying a page, in the main Page Content accordion, you will see the Title field and the Heading field. Simply enter keywords and information relevant to your law firm, your location, your type of practice and the contents of the website page, and click Save Settings.

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