Meta Tags

Update Your Law Firm Website Meta Description and Meta Keywords Tags

There are two types of meta tags you can modify for the pages of your attorney website:

  • Meta description: A description of the particular page on your website
  • Meta keywords: A list of keywords pertaining to your law practice and that page

    • Generally speaking, the search engines do not pay as much attention to the meta keywords as they used to, however, some attorneys may still prefer to include them on their website.

      Meta Description

      The Meta description tag is relevant your lawyer website pages because when Google lists search results, it includes the page title, followed by this description.

      Provide a custom page description to let prospective clients searching the web know what your page is about and entice them to click. This preferable to having Google select som text from the top of the page to include in the search listings.

      Modifying Your Firm’s Meta Tags

      When you’re editing a page on your website, scroll down and expand the Menu and Search Engine Optimization accordion tab. You’ll see two fields, one for each type of meta tag.

      When you’ve entered the meta description and/or keywords for the law firm website page, click Save Settings and your website page will automatically be updated.

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