Menu and Page Options

Choose Where Your Lawyer Website Pages Appear on Your Site

Menu and Page Options

Your law firm website has two menus, a main menu at the top of your pages and a footer menu that appears at the bottom of your pages. For each page on your website, you can choose whether the page should be included in the website, and if so, which menu(s) it should appear in.

Showing and Hiding Your Law Firm Website Pages

When you’re modifying a page on your law firm’s website, in the main Page Content accordion box, there is a checkbox that asks “Show this page?” — check this box and the page will be included in your site, and un-check this box if you want to hide the page from your site (for now). This is not the same as deleting a page — you can always add it back in later.

Attorney Website Menu Options

When you’re working on a page in your website, scroll down to and expand the Menu and Search Engine Optimizations accordion tab to control the page’s menu settings. There are two checkboxes: one for the main menu and one for the footer menu.

You can include a page in the main menu, footer menu or both. A page that isn’t included in any menu will still be accessible via the page’s website address (, but it won’t appear in any of the menus.

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