Add Images to Your Lawyer Website Pages

Adding Images to Your Attorney Website Pages

Though it’s not required that a law firm website have them, including images on your firm’s website pages can help communicate messages more effectively to your prospective clients.

An image of your law firm will show your personality and make a client feel more comfortable contacting you. An image of local scenery can impress that you are a local law firm.  An image related to a practice area can help express your message more quickly and efficiently than text alone.

Uploading Images to Your Pages

Adding images to your attorney website pages is easy. When you’re logged in to the admin and editing a page on your website, expand the Image accordion tab. There’s an upload form where you can select the image on your hard drive and upload it to your law firm website. When images are uploaded, they will be re-sized to fit within the web page. If you have an image that is not sizing how you’d like, just contact me and I’ll upload the image manually.

Customizin Image Description and Title

When you upload images to your website, you should also specify “alternative text” and “title text” for your image. This will help visitors with special needs better understand your website, and the search engines will be more likely to include your pages for relevant local attorney website search listings.

  • Image Alt Text: This is a text alternative that should explain the contents of the image.
  • Image Title Text: This is a title of your image and you may want to include keywords relevant to your firm and the specific law firm website page it appears on.

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