General Tips

General Tips for Improving Your Law Firm’s Website

Microsoft Word Copy & Paste

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Clean Up Your Law Firm Website’s Code

A lot of law firms have attorney bios, practice area descriptions or other content they want to put on their website in a Microsoft Word file. Often times when you’re collaborating, someone will send you their copy in a Microsoft Word format to put on your law firm website. When you copy and paste the contents of a Word file to your attorney website, beware! (more…)

Call to Action

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Encourage Visitors to Contact Your Law Firm

Having a law firm website with great info about your firm and your practice areas is essential, but what makes your website a true marketing tool is its ability to convert visitors into clients. To do this, you should include a “call to action” on your homepage and throughout your website pages. (more…)

Google Analytics

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Tracking Your Law Firm Website Performance

You’ve probably heard of Google Analytics.  It’s a very popular tool that webmasters use to see what traffic their websites are getting.  It’s easy to use, effective and perhaps best of all, free. (more…)

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

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Pay Google to Bring You Clients

Search engine optimization will bring your website organic search results, over time. The more you invest in creating quality content, optimizing it with appropriate law firm keywords and building links on other websites to yours, the higher your website will appear in Google’s traditional search results. (more…)

Use Appropriate Headings

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When you’re working on your law firm’s website, you’ll probably want to include headings to separate blocks of text and make your website more user-friendly.  When you create a heading on a law firm website page, it’s important to understand the difference between large, bold text, and a heading. (more…)