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Clean Up Your Law Firm Website’s Code

A lot of law firms have attorney bios, practice area descriptions or other content they want to put on their website in a Microsoft Word file. Often times when you’re collaborating, someone will send you their copy in a Microsoft Word format to put on your law firm website. When you copy and paste the contents of a Word file to your attorney website, beware! All of Word’s formatting elements may get copied as well, which can make for ugly html code and law website content that doesn’t appear correctly.

Removing Word’s Formatting

When you copy and paste content from a Microsoft Word file to your law firm website, you should do one of two things. In the WYSIWYG editor on your law firm website content pages, there is a button for “Paste from Word” that should clean up this formatting for you. If that’s not working, you should try pasting the content into the Notepad text editor (Start Menu -> Accessories -> Notepad), and then copy and paste from Notepad to the website page editor.

Confirm the Formatting is Removed

When you’re editing a web page on your law firm website and you copy content over from Word, you should toggle html mode to see what formatting elements exist.  You shouldn’t see any <p class=”MsoNormal”> or other formats.

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