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Tips for Building and Improving Your Law Firm's Website

Law Web is an affordable Website Builder for Lawyers that allows attorneys to start their own website.  This blog is designed to help attorneys create their websites using the Law Web system.  It includes website setup instructions and a collection of tips for improving your law firm’s website.

Getting Started

If you’re not already familiar with the Law Web attorney website design service, you may want to check out the Law Web main website.  You will find website features, designs and a live demo.

Building Your Law Firm Website

When you’re ready to build your law firm’s website, you’ll want to register an account on Law Web.  It’s easy, includes a free month trial and only costs $19.99 a month thereafter.

Setting Up Your New Website

Once you have registered, it’s time to start setting up your website. The first things you’ll want to do are:

In the sidebar menu on your left, you’ll be able to find more detailed information about adding your areas of practice, attorney profiles, case results, frequently asked questions and more.

You’ll also find helpful tutorials explaining how to optimize your website for the search engines, as well as build a stronger overall online presence with Local search optimization.

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